Did the Howling Commands have a funeral for Bucky

Did they bury a box with some smokes and a bottle of whiskey

Did Steve tell them you guys go ahead, I’ll stay here for a while

Did he talk to the fresh churned dirt and tell it can’t believe you’re gone, you big jerk - can’t believe you left me - I know it was my fault, and I’m sorry, but I still can’t believe you’re gone

Did he stay there til it got dark and cold and Peggy came out and brought him a coat

Did she decide not to talk to him about it then - not til he was ready, drinking alone in some wreckage of a bar

Is there still some stone on an old battlefield in Europe with Bucky’s name scratched onto it, marking some decades-old alcohol and decaying cigarettes and a memory of a guy who’s alive, but doesn’t really exist anymore